Amazing results at the Oceania Championships
Posted on 22 / 05 / 2018, 11:26 am by Chris Dimond

Our squad of 5 competitors who were all selected to represent Australia have performed unbelievably well at the Oceania Championships/Cup in New Zealand. Every athlete is coming home with a medal and most with more than one each. Just getting to this levelof competition is amazing, but to perform this well is truly special. The following medals were won:

Iris Webb - GOLD in 12/13 Girls' Kumite -47kgs, SILVER in Girls' Team Kumite

Imandi Seneviratne - GOLD in Cadet Female Kata

Makayla Tasevska - SILVER in Girls' Team Kumite, BRONZE in 12/13 Girls' Kata, BRONZE in 12/13 Girls' Kumite -47kgs

Jack Stosius - SILVER in 10/11 Boys' Kumite, BRONZE in 10/11 Boys' Kata

Sophia Du - BRONZE in 12/13 Girls' Kumite -47kgs

We had 3 competitors all competing in the one Kumite division and they all won a medal, including Iris walking away with the Gold. Sophia had her first ever win over the Australian Champion in Kata. Jack's Kumite final was a draw, but the Judges had to decide a winner and it was a close decision in favour of his opponent. Makayla was instrumental in getting the Australian girls into the final of the Team Kumite. Imandi dominated her Kata division, winning her division without losing a single flag. 

I am always proud of my students, but at this tournament they have taken it to a whole new level altogether. Just amazing!


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